Religions and Faith

The Enkindlers:

The Serpents moved against the deep, and they brought forth terrible fires, lightning and thunder; all kinds of power they brought forth, and Enkindled the world.

Bahamut and Tiamat are both worshipped to some degree by the Enkindlers. Believing them the first of the gods and the most powerful, they hold them as those who first began the creation of the world. Dragonborn most commonly belong to the Enkindling fath. Enkindler Practice involves public witness and a strong emphasis on good acts. Most other religions do not dispute them this, but place Bahamut and Tiamat as distant figures in their pantheons, patrons of Dragons and little else.

The Radiant Congregation:

From the Darkness, there came Light. From the Light, Life spread, in all it’s myriad forms, to stand against the Darkness and one day reveal the glory of the Light unto the world.

This is the big ‘mega church’. Pelor is the central diety, as the Light from which Life flows. Also worshipped are Kord, Ioun, Erathis. Kord is the patron of the militant arm of the church, while Ioun is the patron of the mystic orders, and Erathis champions intellectuals and craftsmen. Cathedrals, big services, pope hats, and a strong sense of community pervade the Congregation. Congregants often worship gods not strictly in their pantheon; Moradin and Sehanine often have small shrines in their Cathedrals.

The Father and Mother:

First, Moradin forged the mountains. And they were without flaw. So he forged the seas. And they were without flaw. Lastly, he forged the dwarves. But try as he might, they were flawed. Then the Mother, the Raven Queen, looked upon his work, and she finished them.

Moradin has multiple meanings in Dwarvish, but ‘Forge Master’, ‘King’, and ‘Father’ are the most common. The dwarven faith is an odd one; they split their devotion between Moradin, who represents health, creation, and life, and the Raven Queen, who represents death, order, and fate. Each is worshipped in their season and baliwick; Moradin’s songs are sung at each birth, and the Queen’s at each Funeral. Any new endevor is blessed by Moradin, while the finishing of a task is left to the Raven Queen.

The Seasons Court

And the trees that grows, and the flesh that feeds, and the life that flourishes is all theirs. And their gifts bring us their truths; we needs only these, and no other

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter; Corellon, Avandra, Sehanine, Melora. These gods stand as a cycle, each heralding the changes of the world and it’s power. Occasionally worshipped alone, these gods served for many years as the standard powers after the fall of civilization, but their faithfull have dwindled as farming your daily bread has become less and less important.

Religions and Faith

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