Historic Kingdoms


A great Eladrin kingdom, naught remains of it but dust. Even the Eladrin themselves remember little about it; it stood as the first kingdom of any living race.


The Dragonborn of Arkhosia raised a great empire on the island of Arkohs, an enormous mass to the west of Melan. After using forbidden Titan magics to bring about the end of the Tiefling Empire, they were struck down for their hubris by the Dragons at the command of Bahamut and Tiamat. It is believed that the Dragons merely moved Arhkos, shrounding it with great magic, and that it’s secrets and treasures lie intact.

Bael Turath:

Threatened by the Dragonborn’s close relations with Dragons, the empire of Bael Turath entered into bargins with Devils, leading to the creation of the Tiefling Empire. Destroyed near totally by forbidden sourcery, the former Tiefling nation’s ruins lie in the Baal’alth Desert. Vor Kragal stands alone, weathered by sandstorms and lightning, standing alone and intact, if abanonded by it’s former masters. The Capitol sits under fathoms of water off the northern coast.

The Kelethine Empire

The Kelethine Empire rose after the devastation of Bael Turath, ruled by Humans. It took control of amost all of Melan, only excepting the Wastes, where horrors lurked. The Stars themselves cast down Keleth; all that remains of the city is at the bottom of a crater where a shooting star landed, destroying the Royal Family.

Historic Kingdoms

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