Current Kingdoms

The Kingdom of Sereth:

A mixed race kingdom, Sereth is currently ruled by King Theain VIII, a half-elf. Each king is chosen from among five major bloodlines who formed the kingdom by the Serethine Accords, by the Privy Council; a group of 7 men, one chosen by each bloodline, and two chosen by the king himself. No King may hold the throne for more than 100 years, a concession of the accords which thus far has simply meant that Kings may step down and become the power behind their relative’s throne.

The Five Bloodlines are:

  1. Kemmiln: This half-elven bloodline currently holds the throne; their holdings are small, but they have access to unusual amounts of Residuum, which they use to empower their troops and ensure the fertility of the fields.
  2. Koren: This house of Dwarves left Hammerhold more than 2 centuries ago, and signed the Serethine Accords as a military force, and has since become a Mercantile house, producing high quality goods.
  3. Takeem: Predominently human, this house of dark skinned travellers run caravans across Sererth. Without Takeem’s caravans, the kingdom would likely have fallen apart in it’s early years, and their influance is strongest in the countryside where their Rangers and Caravans prevented many atrocities. A number of Halfling familes are nominally members of House Takeem, no matter their lack of blood-connection.
  4. Esstor: The elves of Esstor owns much farmland in the Sereth Basin, and many peasent farmers lease their land from Esstor. Esstor’s military is thinly streched with recent Kobold and Cultic activity.
  5. Denack: House Denack runs Fallcrest, the fort which sits on the southern-eastern border of the land. Denacks small elite mercenary corps forms the core of the military of Sereth.

Sereth is the largest and most powerful of the active nations; it’s military strength is great enough to project force outside it’s borders, and inside of them travel is safer than any other nation. More cosmopolitan than any other nation, Serethites often hold pride in their ability to achive great ends by working together. The predominant religion in Sereth is the Radiant Congregation; for decades the Pontiff of the Congregation has been one of the king’s apointees to the Privy Council.


The Elves of the Ashala Forest remain under the rule of the Dalaian regency. Ruling for thousands of years, Ashaline is highly conservative, remaining aloof from contact with the major powers. The Dalaian government is generally minimal, excepting pushing back infernal depredations from the Desert to the East, and Goblinoid Raids from the West. Many younger elves feel their nations aloofness and conservatism is ill-considered in this declining age, and venture into others lands to forge stronger ties with other races. Those who do not return often marry into the Serethine House of Esstor.


This untamed forest comes into contact with the Feywild, and it is here that the influance of the Eladrin is most felt. Their castles visit, one for each season, and they patrol the forest. Each court is organized differently, and has it’s own, unique method of government. The Fomori also have holds here, and skirmish against the Eladrin and the Dwarves. Few venture into these kingdoms, for their ways are strange, and their rulers are rumored to be as fickle as the changing seasons themselves, but those seeking the deepest arcane knowledge have few other options in this day and age.


Once, under the Hammerhold Mountains, 13 great dwarven cities arose, bordering an underground lake. Now, only four still stand; the others have fallen as Demons, Elementals, and Kua-Toa have come up from the depths, necessitating the flooding of them, with water or iron. The Moradin of Hammerhold never holds the position long – those who attain the position rarely give up the power before their death, and a long life of building power is the usual prerequisite for elevation to the position.

Current Kingdoms

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